Headed Home

We’re headed home today from a two week holiday with our kids.  Our daughter’s houses were filled with all the Christmas flair with cookies and candies at every grabbing point in the house.  The diversion of warm fuzzies was well needed but but it’s time to go home and start the new year.  I even managed to get a painting done for baby Charlie’s room.

The crazy sinus bug hit me on Friday so Jerry and I were taking a nap upstairs near baby Charley's bedroom.  I had a slight inclination that our son from California was trying to fly this way.  While sleeping, I heard the dog bark, then the bell ring when the door opened.

I snuck out of the bed and headed downstairs, and there he was.  Our dear, Mark, built like a mighty oak tree, was standing at the bottom….along with his wife who I haven't seen in 4 years. Stunned, I took a few steps down and threw my arms around him.  Mark, “Can I see dad?”    We slowly walked upstairs, Mark, slightly ahead  and then I heard wailing.  Mark and Jerry were literally wailing at the sight of each other. We all squeezed as if we couldn’t let go.   He kept saying, "You are a wonderful person, dad.  You are a wonderful person.”

Our family has been through life’s experiences just like other families.  The culmination of life’s good and bad have developed a very close kinship and we have always pulled together when times were rough.  Mark had not seen Jerry since August and his decline is very marked.  His facial expressions are now of one with dementia; kind of stone faced with confused eyes.

Mark has a way of pulling Jerry out of his “state”.  That night, he turned on the bluegrass music and we all watched and joined in with the toe tapping.  No joke.....there’s Jerry sitting in the chair, toe tapping, and three grown adults dancing a jig in front of him for entertainment.  It was the happiest time of the night.

So, we’re headed home today.  There didn’t seem to be any facility answer in Raleigh, so the search will resume in detail when we get back home.  In the meantime, we’ll take a breather or two and utilize the in home health care for a while.