Today, we had our first CNA come to help Jerry take a shower.  Really, I was hesitant to do this because I didn’t want to embarrass him; plus I knew I could do it just as well.  But, all of my supporters told me, “No.  Take all the help you can get.”  So, Brrrrrrrrrrrrenda came.  I say Brrrrrrrenda with a rolled “rrrrrrrr” because she grew up in Scottland and had a very heavy accent.  What a character! When Brrrrrrenda came in, she sat down on the sofa and noticed my Bible on the table beside her, “I see yuff got the Good Book, heere.”  “Yes.”  I said.  “You recognized it.”  She proceeded to launch into the most wonderful testimony.  I was mesmerized by her heavy Scottish brogue as she told about the peace that passeth all understanding.  She said, "That’s Gaud’s peace.  Ye see, without ta test, we have no testimony.  My husband went to beee with the Lord thrrree yers ago.  Our everrry step is orrrrdered by Gaud.  ‘Fer the futsteps of the rrrighteous are orrrrrderdt by Gaud.’  We are His Worrrd and must have faith because Gaud loves us and wud never cause us harm.”

Just to think, I almost didn’t have Brenda come.  What a bright spot in our morning, and more confirmation that God is directing our journey.

So, “the man of the hour” right now getting scrrrrubbed and buffed.  Off to the birthday party today.  I’ll let you know how it goes.