Little Epiphanies!

In the mornings, I call Betty at his new home.  She’s the nurse in charge of the memory unit.  Got to check on my honey, you know.  Being with my grandchildren is a whole different experience now.  This morning, I played football with Fletcher and the dogs.  We had our art lessons and I just finished playing “store” with baby Mac.  I feel like my old self is coming back.  This is my first time being with them without having to keep a third eye on Jerry. Betty says, “He’s doin’ good.”  “He’s eatin’ well and got to go on a bus ride on Saturday.”  He’s been sleeping at night and they leave the light on so he can find the potty.  He’s  displayed no anger.  Whew!   Today, she was going to take him out of the unit  to play bingo, but he began asking about me, so she decided not to.... thought he might try to escape.  The folks in the memory unit, once they have become adjusted, are taken out to participate in all the activities with the other residents.  They have morning coffee, bingo, go on trips to museums, plays, rides around town.....more than he did at home.  Yesterday he had a coke,  his favorite snicker bites and a pack of Oreos.  She said I’m going to  be amazed.

In the meantime, I'm having these little epiphanies. Yesterday, I was driving down the road when I noticed the radio was on.  Music.  70's music!  I turned it up loud and began singin' along.   It was a little epiphany!  If I wanted to turn left, I could.  If I wanted to turn right, I could.  It was a little epiphany!  Then, last night, when my daughter and I were driving home, I got a little warm.  I rolled down the window.  The cool air blew in so strong.  It was wonderful.  There were little epiphanies all over the place!   I could make a phone call.  I could make an appointment.  I could walk into a room, then change my mind.   I could roll on the floor with baby Charlie.  Epiphany!  Epiphany!  Epiphany!

Our life was so restrictive and I didn't realize it.  We had simplified  so much that I kept every distraction to a minimum.  Now Jerry is where he can have his safe world and I can be spontaneous.  It truly is a new beginning.