Good Report

Ok, so I just couldn’t stand it.  I had to go. Today, my friend Ruth came with me.  It was such a good visit.  He cried, at first when he saw me, but he actually focused more on Ruth.  He hugged her, smiled, and said, “How did you do that?”  As if to say, “How did you find me?”  Between, Ruth and I, we were able to keep Jerry redirected during the entire visit.  It was a happy time.  Jerry was talking more (didn’t make a lick of sense), but talking none the less.  We even turned on his Doyle Lawson bluegrass and danced a bit.

By the end of the hour, it was time to wind it down.  One of the things I could find myself doing is hanging out with Jerry, taking a nap..going to eat, going for a walk...but. I’ve found that short visits are the best...say 45 minutes or less.  Singing in the activity center was just beginning, so the timing was just right to say goodbye.  A happy Jerry, makes a happy Sue.