It’s Your Birthday!

February 27th is Jerry birthday.  That’s this Sunday.  What do you do for someone with Alzheimer disease on their birthday? My daughter is expecting her second baby any day now.  I’ve questioned what day I should go on up to Raleigh.  Don’t want to miss the birth.  However, don’t want to neglect Jerry on his birthday, either.  He doesn’t know what day it is?  Much less that Sunday is his birthday.  But does that matter?  I know, even though he is unaware of his special day, that he would delight with a “Jerry smile” when I walk in and say, “Happy Birthday!”  How could I deprive  him that moment of surprise?

So, I’ve decided that this time when I walk in, I’ll be accompanied by  his buddy Bruce.   Here’s the plan.  We’re going to take him to Smithfield BBQ for a North Carolina BBQ sandwich.  His present will be BRUCE and BBQ !    If all goes well, we may swing by the ice cream parlor.  Maybe.

Let’s just hope the baby waits a few more days.