Soon to End

It’s been one month since Jerry checked in to his new home.  It seems like an eternity.  Unbelievable that it’s only been thirty days. There have been some terribly sad days.  There have been some relatively “ok” days.  The rest from not having to take care of Jerry 24/7 is actually a bit mind boggling.  I mean, what do I do with all my time?  I think I’m even more scatter brained and attention deficit than I was before.  I have unfinished projects spread out in every room of the house and an insatiable need to finish them.   However, to be able to just jump in the car and meet someone for lunch it pretty nice.

The days and nights without my buddy is ....well, words cannot describe it.  There have been nights of overwhelming sadness where I stuffed a pillow inside his old sweater and slept with it.  Yet, whenever I begin to  miss him, I am reminded, that this precious man is not who he use to be.  He is a poor lost soul who is delightfully happy in his new home.  Nonetheless, he is my wonderful Jerry , always will be, and I am totally dedicated to him.

I’ve decided to end my blog.  Perhaps, I’ll keep writing but not post my every thought.  This new chapter is one that may need to be journaled, but, for now, I’ll not publish it.  Tomorrow will be my last  post.   I figure his birthday is a good day to end.  I’ll let you know how bitter sweet it is.  Better to have loved and lost than never to be loved at all.