It's All Visual

If you ever want to get your day started on a laughing track, just watch Ellen.  Usually, I’ve been up a couple of hours before Jerry comes down.  We have our coffee and paper, then, at 9:00, I turn on Ellen.  There we are dancing with Ellen to get our blood going.  Now, don’t laugh!  We really do!  Of course, Jerry’s idea of dancing is a gentle motion of his arm and toe.  I’m all over the place!  Can’t imagine that, huh?

TV or a movie is always a good thing to do with Jerry.  Of course, he wants me sitting right beside him.  Isn’t that sweeeeet! At night you’ll see us cuddled up on the sofa anesthetizing our brain.  Sometimes, I cheat and get the computer, but lots of times we find a movie.  It keeps him “in the moment”.  It also keeps him from having to listen to ME.  I know he loves that!  I mean, wouldn’t you want a break from ME?  I know he gets tired of my trying to make futile conversation with him.  Some of his favorites are: Rudy, Blindside, Band of Brothers, Valkerie, Defiance, or pretty much any true story.

Tonight we watched “The Departed” with Matt Daemon.  We’ve watched it a dozen times!  That’s one thing that Jerry and I have always done; go to the moves.   Our first date was to see “The Reivers (1969), with “what’s his name”, uh, Ricky, Opie, no, Ron, Steve McQueen.  The story took place in Mississippi and Jerry’s cousins were supposedly “extras” in the film.  Jerry forgot his wallet.  (I should have known then...)   Anyway, we’ve watched them all.  In fact, we try to make it a point to watch every movie that’s on the Academy Award list each year.  It doesn’t matter now, whether Jerry’s seen it before, because every time we watch a film it’s like seeing it for the first time.  How good is that?

Hanyway..(said with a sigh).