Hey Ya’ll!  (a little   I heard a birdie singing this morning!  Spring is around the corner and the crocus will be popping out soon.  Can’t wait! For a little last minute winter fun, my girls have insisted that Jerry and I come to the snow covered mountains in Virginia with them next week.  There will be 6 adults and 4 kids under 6.  Hmm.  Which car do I want to ride in; the van with 3 boys and a video screen?  Or the smaller car with an infant in the car seat?  It’s a 5 hours drive.   I really had to revisit this idea several times before I said yes.  My initial reaction was “I wanna go!”  Then, I got scared!

I haven’t told Jerry yet.  You see, with dementia folks there is no concept of time.  A trip tomorrow could actually be the one we’re taking 6 months from now.  Jerry gets, for lack of a better word, anxious about anything in the future. It doesn’t matter if I am going to a neighbor’s in an hour, or taking a trip next week.  I say “anxious”, not as in afraid, but as in wondering when.  Does that make sense?

For instance, if Bruce is coming on Monday, I’ll probably hear about it numerous times everyday since Jerry doesn’t know what day it is.  It’s not like he can ask and I can answer.  It’s a mind game of charades trying to figure out WHAT he is asking, giving him the answer, only to have repeated 10 minutes later. So, I tell him the night before that Bruce is coming “tomorrow”.   I’ve taken snapshots of everyone who comes to see him, cut them in little 2 inch squares, and glued magnets on the back in order to stick them on a calendar. (on the frig, of course) We are in preschool, aren’t we?  You think that’ll help?  I’ll let you know once I get them on the frig.  Haven’t gotten a “round tuit” yet.

Anyway, with fear and trepidation, I’m getting excited about this little trip.  I’ve already told the girls that their daddy and I have to ride a tube down those hills.  No skis for me, I’m not keen on torn out knees.  But, the tube, I can handle.  Can’t wait to see Jerry’s huge white grin!  It goes great with his blue eyes!