Before I move onto better things, I wanted to post one of my pigs.  Since Jerry is a TV addict and I’m not, I quite often sit with a sketch pad in my cushy chair next to Jerry while he watches the Everybody Loves Raymond (over and over.)  Since, a pig painting had been requested,  last night,  I did a little brainstorming.  Pigs at a dance, pigs with striped pants, pigs at a beach, pigs fast asleep....you get it.   Then I began to sketch page after page of pigs. Today, I started to loosen up by scribbling with my paint brush some background color.  Using an acrylic base, I painted on a light magenta wash.  Then I sketched a  group of pigs with thin red.  I decided where the light source was coming from, then I painted the darkest darks and the lightest lights.  Before I knew it the pigs were beginning to form. I've found that taking myself "away" for a little while renews my mental outlook and I am much better company for Jerry.  Without that, I grow weary and lose any energy that I need to be positive.  He needs me to be positive.  A person with dementia can sometimes have a tendency to be depressed or negative.  However, I find that if I stay positive, he will follow. Tomorrow.  I might just paint my bathroom.  I think the pigs need a rest.