Humble Servants Can Keep Us From Crumbling

Every Thursday, Bruce takes Jerry out to swing golf clubs.  This man, with his kind and compassionate heart has come to my rescue and allowed me to have Thursdays all to myself.  He doesn't get paid and won't even let me buy his lunch.  In fact, if he knew I was writing about him, he'd probably get irritated at me.  These kind of humble  servants are rare and I consider him a gift from God.  He has saved my  life on many occasions. Anyway, while they were out, I couldn't decide what to paint.  I have several projects underway: a pink bathroom, a white hand painted table, my master bedroom walls, and a couple of paintings for upcoming art shows.  I have these 100 year old doors from an old church and I've made them into a headboard.  I'm insatiable at trying to give old things new life!  Don't exactly know why...maybe it's because that's what Jesus did for me.  You know...made me a new person.   Did you know that he was willing to die for his enemies?  Don't know about you, but I'd consider that real humility!

Moving right along, I'm posting a collage  that I am working on for a show coming up.  It's been such a long work in progress.  STILL NOT FINISHED.  But, here ya go.