Rabbits and books

Did I ever tell you I was writing a book.  I think I've painted enough bunnies and lambs to cover the next few springs. So,  I've decided to focus most of my energy on writing a children's book.  I wrote the first draft of the text about a year ago and then put it on the back burner. Now, it's time to turn the burner on.  The theme of the book is about valuing people even if they are different.  Jerry being the "different" one; but really not so different.   It's entitled "Happy and Pappy and Everything's Fine."   It's about a little boy and his relationship with his Grandpa who has dementia.

I really feel a calling to write and illustrate this book.  Don't know anything about publishing, but I'm hoping to provide insight into the hearts and minds of people with dementia.  Happy, the rambunctious but sensitive little boy, tells about the funny things that his Grandpa does.  Happy, has a few funny antics of his own.  Through it all, we'll find that the relationship is warm and precious.

Stay tuned and wish me luck.