Woke up at 6:00 this morning with painting on my mind.  Got started early and got lots accomplished.  I cancelled Jack today, because Jerry's just not been feeling well. I’ve noticed some new things lately.  For one thing, Jerry’s still losing weight and now, he’s sick, which isn’t his usual.  Jerry’s always been the one who never gets sick, (accept for his brain) but he’s been down and out for the last few days.  He had a short bit of a perk today, so I decided to get him out of the house and get him a hardy meal.  (Not Hardy’s meal, but hardy meal.)  I put him in the shower and Montana in the tub.  They both got bathed at the same time.  It worked out pretty good.

We all loaded up in the car, (Montana, too) and looked for an uncrowded place to eat.  Today, it was Mike's Place.  Now, you’ve got to watch out for Jerry.  He’ll steal your drink in a nano second.  There we were waiting for his blackened tilapia and baked potato, (I ordered a salad for me), while he had his right hand on his glass of sweet tea.  All of a sudden, I noticed his left hand sliding slowly across the table and reaching for my diet Pepsi.  I mean, what’s up with that?  His other hand was actually ON his sweet tea glass.  I chuckled at him and told him not to steal my drink.  But, you know, maybe it’s because his right hand is “useless”.  He usually has it in his pocket and doesn’t use it at all.  The doctors call it “limb neglect”.  His brain doesn’t recognize it.  Soooooo, maybe his brain didn’t realize his hand was on his sweet tea.  Who knows!

Anyway, it is 8:30 and he’s in bed.  I am a little worried.  Even though his brain doesn’t work, I hate to see him feeling miserable.  I also don’t know what to think about his officially dropping down to 170lbs.  That is thin!  I fixed good ole fattening spaghetti tonight with garlic bread, but he ate very little of it.   Since, he's gone to bed early, he won't get his chocolate ice cream either.  It' s a never ending battle to keep him fed.

Since he slept most of the day, I got quite a lot of painting done.  I’m trying to finish up some commission pieces so that I can focus on the illustrations for the book.  I worked on my story board last night until pretty late.  I’m hoping I can get this book underway.  Too many people need to know how to value our precious loved ones with this terrible disease.

Think I’ll go to bed soon.  I'm tired.