Don’t know if you’ve heard that joke....

One part of me has snapped...the other part is draggin’.

That’s how I feel sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like I try so hard to keep things normal.  Jerry and I had a pretty good day.  We went to my friend’s shop and swapped furniture.  I gave her some old dressers that I had, in trade for a cute little corner cabinet for our downstairs bedroom.  It took up much less space.

Jerry and I loaded up the furniture, hauled it up and down stairs, swapped it out and all was good.  It was a good day.  No money spent and a new piece of furniture to boot.  There I go, thinking, in hopes that we were “normal” again.  Not so, Pluto!  I asked him what he would like to eat.  He has no answer.  I gave him a choice.  Would you like a hamburger or a steak?  No answer.  Would you like a shrimp burger?  No answer?  Would you like a margarita?  “Yes”.  Ok, so we went to the local Mexican place.  It was sunny and beautiful so I asked the waiter if we could sit out on the deck.  “Sure.”  So we sat there, just the two of us.  It was a disaster.  At first, I tried to make conversation.  WHY DO I ALWAYS SET MYSELF UP FOR THIS!  At least look at me and not that spot on the floor.  The more I asked him to look my way, the more he looked at the floor.  I don’t know how to handle it.  I suppose I should just sit there and find a book or something.  Or, maybe I should find out what’s so interesting about that spot on the floor.

Anyway, I’m a little sad.  I’ve decided not to set myself up for that again.  It hurts too much.  No more eating out unless accompanied by friends.  Anyone want to sign up?