Don't Know What's Up

I don't know what is happening with Jerry, but he is actually doing a little better.  For a couple of nights now, he has taken our plates to the sink and rinsed off the dishes.  (Course, he still doesn't remember that we don't have a  disposal.)  I'm just delighted that he is trying. Our faithful Robert took Jerry on a little ride down to Wilmington the other day.  Robert was always wanting to put a flag pole in his front yard, so he found on E bay a pole that would work.  When Robert comes, it's not "all about Jerry".  That's good.  He just takes Jerry along to get our errands run (both his and mine.)  It works out well.  So yesterday, Jerry rode along with Robert and his dad, hooked up the trailer, and away they went.

When Jerry got home, he was all bright and alert.  You see, just the company and the stimulation charges his brain up.  It really works.  That's why it takes a team to keep a dementia person going.  I can't keep my own brain charged, much less his.  To have his friends come along side, evens out the energy.  Does that make sense?

I think that's why Jerry's doing better.  To think, if I had kept working, he probably would have had to go to day care.  This way, he is getting different stimulation just about every day.     The way I see it; if I can keep him out of a facility he'll last longer.  The goal is to keep him active for as long as possible.