Really, Mom!

[caption id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter" width="150" caption="Bunny Buns"][/caption] Ok, I know I live in the most beautiful place in the world.  What a gift to be able to be here and I am so grateful for this time.  Our years here have been a wonderful time of restoration.

Katie, my baby girl, and I were sitting on our deck today watching the sunset.  She said, “Really, Mom!”  Meaning, it couldn’t get any better than this!

Saint Bruce spent the day with Jerry today.  If he knew I called him that, he would really get on to me.  Bruce has an uncanny way about him with just the right understanding and compassion to make Jerry feel, “normal”; like one of his golf buddies.  I am assuming they played “golf” because Jerry came home with a huge smile and a little bounce in his step.  Katie and I could see how happy he was.  So happy, that he was asleep on the sofa within 15 minutes after he got home.

Tomorrow, the rest of the clan will be coming in for the Easter weekend.  The house will be filled with the wonderful noise and stomping of those happy little grand boys.  We’ll be packed to the brim and Jerry will be traumatized.  I am thinking of letting one of the families have the entire upstairs (I call it the “containment” area).  Change creates huge challenges for Jerry and he’ll be giving up his room.  Although it might be a little stressful for him, I think it will be better for everyone if the family of 5 is together instead of scattered all over the house.  Jerry and I will just hole up in our downstairs bedroom.  We’ll see how it goes.

Thank heavens the weather will be sunny and warm so we can keep most of the chaos outside.  The Easter bunny will leave his eggs over and over in the front yard, so there will be plenty of excitement.  I’ll cut this short and hope that you have a sweet Easter.  Gotta go get those eggs filled.