One Command at a Time

One thing I've found is that it's better to give just one command at a time.  Here's me in the morning.   I fix Jerry's cereal, eggs, whatever, and place it on the table.  I hand him a cup of coffee and say, " Why don't you sit at the table and eat your breakfast."  Then I point to his seat at the table.  (That is two commands and one gesture.)  He walks around the kitchen counter and back to me.  Never makes it to the table.  I repeat the whole scenario. Duh! Ever heard that saying, "Insanity.   Doing something the same way over and over and expecting different results." ?  Well, that's me.  I'm such a creature of habit.

Maybe I should try this.

I hand us both a cup of coffee and we both sit at the table together.  How's that?  Then, once he's seated, I get up and prepare his food and bring it to him.  That would probably work as long as I already have it prepared.  If not,  that means, he'd be sitting there with nothing to do.  He might get up again and follow me back over to the counter.  (Our kitchen is small and everything (the counter, the cook top, the table) are within 8 feet of each other.  Hmm, maybe I should just say, "sit down."  After he sits, I say, "Eat." But that sounds so bossie!  It does work though, but I feel bad sounding so harsh.  Maybe I should just remember to say it in a sweet tone of voice, like a perfect wife.  Maybe I should even curtsy.