Today was a fabulous day.  I know it sounds like I take a lot of time away.  I felt guilty about that for a long time.  But, I’ve finally realized that, in order to stay sane for the long haul, I’d better schedule time away a couple of times a week.  I come back refreshed and in good spirits, which ultimately makes Jerry a happy man.    So, arranging Jerry to be with his “best buddy” playing their version of golf, I was free to play myself. 

My sweet neighbor planned a day trip to New Bern to see the historic home tour.  I didn’t realize what a treat I was in for.  We met her darling friend, Ann, who was a stitch.  We laughed so hard that we were tripping over each other.  I was so excited and told them I was like a bird let out of her cage.  Being the little artist “wanna be” that I am, I took every funky picture I could of doorknobs, stained glass windows, front porches, American name it.  They kept having to reel me in and keep me on a leash in order to get to the next house.

 Once we got to the restaurant for lunch, we fell in love with our little waiter.  Mr.  Keenan Chambers was his name and he was wearing a chartreuse bowtie.  What an aristocratic name!  His youthful demeanor was so refreshing that we going "ga-ga" over him.  Then, it happened.  He got down on his knees to take our order and his long feet stuck out into the aisle.  One of his coworker waitresses came rushing by with a tray full of dishes, tripped over his feet and went flying into the air.  The entire restaurant if it was EF HUTTON...the poor kid was so embarrassed that his face turned a glowing red and he buried his head down on our table.  What a sight!

I’m sorry but it was so funny, and I am still laughing about it as I write this. 

 It’s so good to have “girl time”.  No offense, guys, but we girls need this.  Afterall, we are from different planets ya know.  We can laugh and cry with each other, male bash, spend idol time looking at stupid little nothings in shops, then we can go home happy to you hubbies.  It’s harmless, but very beneficial.  Trust me.  It’s to your benefit to set us free once in a while.  You’ll be glad you did.