Plaids and Stripes

Let’s talk about dressing.  Jerry use to be such a handsome dresser.  Being a corporate man, he was always dressed in his blue pin striped suit, red or yellow tie, and black dress shoes.  On weekends, he had this thing about a collared golf shirt and jeans.  Such a handsome thing! Mmm, mm, I was so proud!     

Well, I came bounding up the stairs after having finished my tax stuff this morning.  I was just exhilarated because I had gotten that accomplished.  There was Jerry, standing by the window looking at the dog...dressed in light blue madras plaid shorts and a navy blue and white bold nautical striped long sleeve shirt.  Got the picture?  It’s the new men’s bohemian look.  NOT!

 There are a few things that Jerry just MUST HAVE; his socks and his belt.  Without those things, he feels naked.  He just cannot move on unless he has those items.  The other day, he was completely dressed, belt and all, yet, forgot that his belt was already on.  I turned around and saw him reaching into the drawer.   Before, I knew it...he had another belt on OVER his sweat shirt.  I poked my lip out, with compassion, and reminded him that he already had a belt on.  Then, I directed him to putting on his shoes. 

Reducing his selection with fewer choices may help.   I’ve decided that instead of constantly changing clothes, I’m just going to buy him solids.  Solid shorts, solid shirts, all blue and white!  At least that means he’ll match and I won’t have to fuss or make him redress. I choose blue because of his drop dead beautiful blue eyes.  Honestly, I’ve given up a lot of what really doesn’t matter.  Frankly, I could care less about being a “clothes horse”, however, we don’t want to sport the Walter Matthau look from Grumpy Old Men, either.