I Did It Again

Every time I get over tired, I blow a gasket.  Sniff!  I hate it when I do that!  Yesterday, Montana and I did our morning thing.  Rode bikes. Me on the bike and Montana beside me.  (Hey, Caesar Milan does it!)  When we got home, she took her usual spot on then deck and I caught up with my emails and did a little admin stuff.  I like to get that all out of the way before Jerry gets up. 

Once he got up, we had our breakfast and went outside.   It was, yet, another beautiful Emerald Isle day and the overgrown oleanders were calling out to me, “Cut me!  Cut me!”  Jerry seemed pretty perky, so I engaged him in my little project.  Hint!  Keep the tasks short, lest our little helpers lose their motivation.  After a couple of trips of throwing branches on the pile at the street, I watched as the pile managed to travel its way back to me.  Oh well.  It was good for a while.  We actually completed the job, eventually. 

By lunchtime we were pooped.  We ate and Jerry sat on the sofa for a nap.  While he was napping, I managed to sneak off to the grocery store.  I had a luncheon at my house today, so I needed to get ready for that.  Of course, I just HAD to stop by the nursery to get some of those deliciously abundant blooms that were hanging from the pergolas.  $100 later, those blooms cried out to be planted in my garden.  What’s wrong with me?  I just can’t stop!  Good thing it wasn’t cake!

 Jerry was still on the sofa.  He’d come and watch a little, but then go back inside.  If I did ask him to bring something to me (like a bag of dirt or a pot) it just wasn’t going to happen.  Poor guy would carry them around in circles and I would get “grrrred” and get it myself.  Instead of getting angry, though, he’d just smile with his big toothy grin and I would break into a chuckle.  I mean, it’s just the way it is.

Then it happened.  We both went up to the local wine market where they were having a little wine tasting.  Sometimes we go up there, because it’s free dinner.  They always have great appetizers to go with the wine.  After it was over, we bought a few of the appetizers for a later date.  Jerry carried the bag.  It was 7:30 now, and the exhaustion hit me.  I asked him where he put that bag of groceries.  He had no idea.  I searched high and low, upstairs, downstairs, in the car.  WHERE WAS THAT BAG OF GROCERIES?   He was clueless.  However, he could see that I was getting upset.  Then, I looked over and saw a loaf of bread here, and block of cheese over there, some remoulade sauce on another table.  Got it? He had spread the goodies all over the house.  Relieved, but more exhausted, I quit.  I was done.  Toast.  Finished.  Time to give it up and go to bed.