Blessed are the pure in heart...

I'm getting tired.  This moring Jerry took a shower and didn't know how to turn the shower off.  There he was drying off WITH the shower running.  Help me! Today, Sunday, we had the privilege of going to church.  The sermon was on the "beautiful attitudes", (Beatitudes).  Today's particular focus was on the "pure in heart".  What does that mean?  Are our hearts ever really pure?  Since we are all imperfect, how in the world can we obtain a pure heart?  Simply put....simply God.

Simple enough.  Jerry's a perfect example.  There is no superficial religious practice in him.  No performance values.  He simply IS.  In our class, he is totally comfortable.  I mean those 24 people in that class know how to pat him on the back and laugh with him in spite of the fact that he makes no sense.  It's a warm and fuzzy thing.

The teacher was pricking our little minds with all sorts of questions like: Why was Jesus baptized since he was without sin?   Why was there no account of his baptism or transfiguration in the gospel of John, when John was an eye witness?  Lot's of stuff to think about.  And there was Jerry, trying to grasp what he could; whose body lanquage of sitting forward in his chair and his eyes fixed on the teacher,  would say  "it's a good thing". 

What's a good thing?  You see Jerry is experiencing "simply God."  GOD is a good thing.  Talk about pure in heart.  He is.  As I see him fading and stuggling more and more, I see more of the simply God things.  It's bittersweet to watch but I'm glad he has that peaceful reward in his heart.  

 When all the superficial things of this world have dimmed..simply God IS a good thing.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.  Matthew 5:8