We'll be headed back up to Duke today.  We've been going to the Duke  Memory Clinic for 12years.  In my opinion they are the most wonderful folks in the world.  They've seen us through every stage and provided support in so mnay ways.  We became such a common name around there that when ever I called nurse Sandra, I didn't even have to introduce myself.  She'd immediately ask, "How's Mr. Jerry?" Anyway, the reason I say ludicrous, is that we are having to drive up to Raleigh to have an exam and have our annual longterm disability papers filled out.  Jerry might have answer the MMSE (mini mental status exam) which is rediculous because he can only answer about 1  question on it:  "What is your name?"   I mean Jerry has been on disability for 12 years and each year we have to do this.  I mean..."What?  Does the governmment think  this is going to get any better and that he'll become UNdisabled ?"  Besides it's going to cost me $100 in gas and two days of my time.  Thank heavens my grandkids are up there, but what if they weren't? 

Grrr!  (oops!  I said, "no grumpies.)  The inconsistencies, both, in government and private health care just keep me shaking my head.  There is no coverage of any "in-home" companion care for Alzheimers.  They only help with rehabilitative care.  Therefore we don't qualify, (even though we PAY both medicare insurance and private health care insurance.)  Medicare and health insurance does help with "in-home" nursing, but not custodial.  Therefore, since they've already deemed Alzheimer/Dementia as NONrehabilitative why do I have to keep REqualify him?

See what I mean?

But, ce la vie.  Jerry's happy to go see Ms. Candace.  She's a sweetie.  He'll love the attention while he's there.  And remember, a happy Jerry makes a happy Sue.