Fantabulous Day!

We were delightfully surprised last night with the arrival of our son-in-law, Jason, who brought us our 4year old grandson, Fletcher.  I call him "happy", because, well, that's his whole demeanor.  He is such a pleasure to be around and his countenance is always happy. Jerry and Fletcher really hit is off today.  Children have such a sense about them.   He treated "Papa J" just like normal, but when Papa wouldn't answer, he'd just give me the "eye".  We rode around the neighborhood on our bikes and his old big wheel (with the worn out tire).  He had no complaints but WOULD accept help now and then when the wheel just wouldn't turn.  The windy but sunshiny day was begging for us to be outside and catch those little furry puffs of "whatever" floating in the air.  So we took a "trip" to the  see turtles and geese with their little gosslings. 

Jerry was really "up" for the occasion.  After our day outside which also included a shell hunt on the beach, we went to our favorite "50's" hamburger joint.  Fletcher and Jerry really bonded.  Without any words, they would bebop on the seat to 50's music, eat their fries, and slurp down their ice cream sundaes.  Jerry could remember those tunes and began to tap along on the table.  Fletcher joined in.  It was one of those bonding moments.

Since things were going so well, I decided to keep it going.  We walked the fishing pier to see if the fish were biting (which they weren't), then hiked the trail along the sound.  Lots of exercise and lots of quiet fun. 

We need more days like this.  BUT, I'll  put this one down in the books.