Precious Moments

I woke up this morning to catch up on some things before heading out for the day.  Robert is coming and I have Bible study with friends and  art deliveries to make. While catching up on my emails I was "greeted" by a precious young friend who has discovered she has breast cancer.  As I read her message about the emotions of leaving her old community of friends and moving to a new place just shortly before she found out about her cancer, I was reminded of that exact thing that Jerry and I did.

We had our home here for years but rented it, so when we came to visit, we were actually like tourists ourselves.  When I took early retirement, I knew we would need to scale down, so we (I) decided to moved to a place where it was simpler and more relaxed.  HERE.  It was against the advise of our Raleigh friends and family, but I just felt this tug in my heart to retreat with Jerry to this simpler place.  (to live out our days "On Golden Pond" so to speak.)

I cannot describe the overwhelming goodness that has come to us in this place.  God has given us this time of respite with each other and has brought the beautiful people into our lives that we never would have known. 

My new little friend, who is battling cancer, will experience the same blessings, I'm sure.  The overwhelming goodness of God sends chills down my arms.  The bonds you make when you are "in sink" spiritually with others who seek to know God, deepen the soul.  Relationships are more precious than gold.

Thought I would share that.