This afternoon was Derby Day and we were invited to our first Derby party.  Afterwards, we were going to a going away party for some friends of ours from our church.  The Derby party was a full of fun folks we didn't know well.   I sucked it up, put on my brave face and took Jerry.  Jerry was all dressed up in his cool linen shirt, jeans, and sperry slip ons.  (It's very important to keep him looking handsome, ya know.)  Everyone was nice and the few folks we knew were friendly and attentive.  Course, it was a little scary when he came up to me, nudged me in the rib and handed me this silver shaped tooth.  Auuuuuuugh!  His cap fell off! 

Maybe, it was time to go to the next party.

Now, let me preface this with me telling you that Jerry is a die hard Alabama fan.  He went to school at Alabama during the Bear Bryant days.  So anyone who knows anything about Alabama, knows who Bear Bryant is.  SEC football is the ONLY football!

At the going away party, our sweet friends were moving to Florida.  We were all giving them silly gag gifts to "decorate" their new home and playing videos of their faces superimposed on these crazy dancing figures.  Must say, it was quite funny.  It was one of those bitter sweet occasions.  Anyway, we had known this couple only for a few years, but I've found that even though friends for a short time, there was always a kindship.  Don was also a BAMA fan. 

Jerry was sinking fast (I suppose the socializing had worn him out), so he wasn't interacting very well.  I stuck really close.  (He also ate ALL my chocolate cake. )  By the end of the gift giving, Don stood up and said, "I've got one more thing I need to do".  He said, "I couldn't give everyone a gift here, so I have something special I want to give to a special person.  He opened up this crumply tissue papered present and handed Jerry a brand new crimson Alabama  13 time Championship hat.  Jerry stood up and teared up.  So did I.  So did everyone.  What another precious moment between friends.

I still can't stop crying about it.  I am so touched at the thoughtfulness of people.  Guess I'm just an emotional basket case and very vulnerable to, well, just about everything.

We're back home now.  He just looked at his hat....and said, I can't read it.  SOB!  Of course, I read it to him.  Then he put it back on and said,   "Nice hat" and went to bed.  Think I will too.

The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart ...Psalm 34:18