Monday Mornings

I love Monday mornings.  New mercies, once again.

After all that socializing last week, I decided it was time to stay home and renew our spirits.   No people.  No pats on the back.  No chatting.  I was just too mentally exhausted and, besides, didn't have the energy to get Jerry dressed up again.  So I did my morning walk and a little gardening, then came inside.  When Jerry came down we turned on Charles Stanley. 

There is one thing that is really special that I've noticed.    Jerry and I both grew up listening to Billy Graham.   (We're pretty "old school".)   When I was a little girl, my parents would watch him and insist that I sit and watch too.  Of course, I would sigh and "comply", but I didn't want to.  But those years of listening to him preach gave me my start on reading the Bible.  And, for me, that is where I get my strength.   Trust me, dearhearts!  I WOULD HAVE BEEN DOWN THE DRAIN A LONG TIME AGO WITHOUT IT!  Even today, when Jerry and I run across an old Billy Graham crusade on TV, it takes us both back.  I see Jerry "tune in".  It's another one of those special moments and I thank God for it.

So, after our day of respite yesterday, I hopped out of bed at 6:00 this morning.  I kept thinking I should go back to bed, but Montana insisted on going for her bike ride.  Sometimes, instead of walking her, I ride my bike and have her run along side.  We both love it!  We live in an area where there is wildlife everywhere.  Deer, geese, egrets, name it!  It's like our own garden of Eden.  Not to mention that Montana loves to chase them all.

Jerry is still sleeping but Bruce is coming at noon.  He always looks forward to "playing golf" with Bruce.  In fact, whenever he hears that anyone is out playing golf, Jerry notices.  Since he has no concept of time, he thinks they have gone without him and I can see his contenance kind of slump.  BUT, I remind him that Monday is coming and Bruce will be here.    

Mondays are also good, because I always start a new painting.  I've got a little something up my sleeve as a surprise, but I can't reveal what I am doing.  You'll see in about a week.  Hope it turns out.  In the meantime, I'm excited about the day and must get a move on.  I hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

Thanks for tuning in.  I love your comments.  Have a marvelous Monday!