Zumba.  It's the Brazilian dance exercise craze.  Since exercise is so key to both of our being able to fight off depression, I decided to go ahead an order the CDs.  I am not able to go to the gym as much as  I'd like  because I have to pick and choose my times away from Jerry.  I tried the Silver Sneakers class for him, but he was not able to do it without assistance.  (A LOT OF IT).  So, I figured we could Zumba at any time of the day. Along with the tapes (CDs) came a bonus of Zumba sticks.  Cool little shaker sticks that rattle.  Like huge bright green baby rattles.  I gave Jerry the sticks and we tried to learn the steps.  Hmmm.  "Jerry, you have to watch the TV".  He loved the music and really kept a good beat.  Accept, he never moved his feet.  (I always knew he should be a drummer.)  I mean, that guy could play some mean rattles! 

Anyway, I stepped away at the cha cha, salsa, cuevo cuevo, etc, while he accompanied me.  I was thankful even though I don't think he ever found the TV screen, nor saw those beautiful Brazilian girls doing the instructing.  Maybe that was a good thing.

Today, we'll try it again.  Maybe this time he'll move his feet.