Too Much to Tell

It's been a whirlwind week.  Sorry I haven't posted. Jerry's been up and down over the week and has been rather weapy at times.  Don't know if we need to adjust the meds or if it was just the flurry of my being gone to my little art show.  I don't do weapy well.  It makes me way too sad. One thought, was when I asked him to change from his jeans to his shorts, he just couldn't get it.  It became a frustrating ordeal for both of us.  Once changed, he slipped away and when he came back I could tell he had been crying.  Sniff!  It could be that his medicine is working and that he is more "aware" of his inablility to do things.  Or, it could be that he's battling depression.  When he weaps, he's like a broken down little puppy.  Sniff!

On to better things.  Yesterday my "girls" wanted to get me away for the day, so our dear Bruce took Jerry from 9am to 6:00.  It was the best day I've had in ages.  My art sale went really well, so I had a little money to spend.  Yippi! We hit the antique shops in Wilmington an found all sorts of treasures.   When we got back we all met our hubbies at our local Trattoria.  Jerry and Bruce were in the funniest moods like they had been up to "no good".   We did a royal job at disturbing the place with belting laughter.  Fabulous!  What made the laughter infectious, is that everyone LOVES to see Jerry laugh.  His smile goes from ear to ear and (since he lost his glasses) his blue eyes  capture their audience with an awe.  It was a great way to end a great day.

Today, Jerry gets his stitches out at the oral surgeon.  He's handled it really well, accept for those annoying little dangly threads hanging down.  They'll be gone soon.  Ooops!  I hear him coming down the steps.  He's up.  Be back soon.