Go Figure

Just when I think Jerry's on his last leg, he comes down all dressed and ready to go with smiles.  I just don't get this disease. On Tuesday, Jerry could not even take his shirt off or put on his shoes.  Remember the jean story?  I mean it was pitiful and so sad.  On Wednesday,  however, while I was posting, I heard him coming.  Low and behold, there he was, dressed in his yellow golf shirt, navy shorts, with socks and shoes on.  (He's a sock man even with shorts.  I've tried to make him look cool with docksiders and no socks, but it just isn't going to happen.)  Anyway, his eyes were bright and he was motioning to me that he needed to shave.  He does that by brushing his hand up against his chin.  I was syked! 

I think this Namenda and Aricept combo thing might be helping.  I also think it really effects him if I miss a dose.  Atleast that's my theory for the day.  You know nothing is consistant with this disease.  But, hey, I'll take any good day I can get.

This morning, I walked with my friend Peg in our neighborhood "wildlife sanctuary".  Something amazing happened.  After passing our deer, turtles, and baby geese, we came up to our little bridge that crosses over our "pristene lagoon" (it's really a swamp.)  There on the rail was an huge egrit, a stoic white bird.  The sun was glistening on it's white feathers, and caused a glow against the deep green wooded background and blooming oleanders.  With his huge body standing perfectly still on it's long black legs, he would occasionally turn it's head and curl it's long neck to look back and forth.  We were only about 10 feet away.  It was beautiful sight to see.  But the bird would not move off that rail.  It's as if he was protecting something.  We must have stood there for 15 minutes, dogs in tow, watching that beautiful bird.  With our laundry to get back to we started to move on across the bridge.  (Hey.  Work has to be done, even in paradise.)  Then the bird took off in flight, stretching it's long neck out and gracefully soring across the pond with the wing span of atleast 4 feet.  What an unbelievable creation!  

What a way to start the day!