Air Show

Ok.  One of our dearly beloved "man" friends , whose shall remain nameless, mentioned the Cherry Point air show to Jerry and he has been completely obsessed about it ever since.   Jerry is totally in love with jets, helicopters, etc.  Now, remember that every day is ground hog day to Jerry, so every day is the day of the air show.  Get it?  We are NOT going this year.  I've taken him for the last 3 years, but this year our daughter and her baby Charlie are coming down for the weekend.  Just the two of them.  I'm so excited.  Besides, the air show would be too hot and loud for a baby.  AND, I took him to the antique car show last weekend.  No!  No!  No!

Here's the deal.  They call it perseveration, when the person gets stuck on something.  The best way to deal with it is to distract the person.  Change directions, so to speak.  So everytime Jerry mentions the air show, I say, "I'm so excited Katie is coming", "Would you take out the trash?", "Oh, Ellen is on.  Let's dance."  and so on.  NOTHING IS WORKING.   It doesn't help that we live in between the largest Marine base in the country  and Cherry Point Air Force Base.  We hear the practice runs of those harier jets on a regular basis.  So, as soon as I get Jerry's attention off that air show, ZOOM, there goes another jet!  

Now, Jerry can forget where the bedroom is, but he can't forget that air show.  He can forget how to brush his teeth, but he won't forget that air show.  He can forget my name, but he won't forget that air show.  AND, no matter how I explain it..he is just like a pouting kid who won't take NO for an answer. 

I think I'll play deaf.  Got any other suggestions?