Squeeling in the Other Room

Not Jerry.  Baby Charlie.  Charlie has just been put down for his nap and I can hear him squeeling with glee in his bed.  He's such a good baby.  There's something about kids and animals that have such an endearing affect on the handicapped.  Yesterday, our daughter and her baby Charlie arrived for a weekend visit.  You should have seen Jerry's face when he saw that baby.  Charlie, had to eyeball every nook and cranny of Jerry's face and figure out what those weird sunglasses were covering his eyes.  In his quiet demeanor, Jerry's  face lit up with a smile.   Jerry gently reached out his hands to hold him, but was hesitant in that he could sense Charlie's caution.   How cool that he could sense that!  Once told it was ok to hold him, Jerry removed his "sluggish" hand out of his pocket and put his arms around him.  They're in love, even to the point that Charlie puts his head on Jerry's shoulder.   There's something about children and animals in the way that they have no expectations of anyone.  They are truly unconditional in their devotion. 

This morning, Jerry and I were walking Montana dog and baby Charlie around the block.  We came across a momma mallard duck and her three babies.  They were stone still, as if, statues waiting for us to go on by.  How did those little duckies know to do that?  Those little animals amaze me.  Surely, if they had moved, our sweet Montana dog would have chased them all over the pond.  Dogs do that, ya know.  That momma knew just what to do.

Montana knows what to do with Jerry.  She waits patiently for him to find the leash for their walk.  She sits and watches him go from room to room, door to door, go out and go in, until finally he sees her and hooks her up.  Once hooked to the leash, she can't contain herself any longer so she darts down the stairs literally dragging him behind.  Too funny.  Then, they head off, "mutt and Jerry", "big and little", for their walk around the P.  (I call the block, the "P", cause of its shape.) On the last leg of their journey, Montana grabs the leash in her mouth and pulls Jerry up the hill until they reach our front door where they crash together for their morning snooze.  That's their routine, day in and day out.  What a life!

It's 10:45 am and they are both asleep.  Baby's asleep.  Katie is out.  I think I'll get a little painting done.  Seize the moment, as they say.

Talk to you soon.