Missing Man

It's so humid here that when I woke up this morning the leftover Oreos on the counter were as soft as my love handles. Jerry went missing this morning.  There was a cool little arts festival in nearby Swansboro and I thought Jerry and I could go check it out early before it got too hot.  A lot of art festivals have gone "china", I call it, where the vendors are really selling reproduced junk, so I'm really not a fan.  But, today's art show was juried, which meant the artists are chosen for their quality and original designs.  I was delightfully surprised at the wonderful things that were there.  Since, I've become a painter, I've really learned to appreciate the time that artists put into their craft.  I mean, for this little glass bead artist to sell a handmade bead for $18 might seem expensive, but it's not.  She spends hours over her hot flame making one of a kind beads.  I bought one that I'll used as a charm.  You know people spend so much money on junk, T-shirts, drinks, fleeting stuff, why not chose to spend it on a quality one of a kind work of art that you can appreciate for years.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST!

Anyway, yes, I lost Jerry.  I was at this pottery booth getting a gorgeous platter (that you can't find at Marshalls or TJMaxx).  I needed a platter like I needed a hole in my head, but I wanted this artist to succeed and her work is fabulous! Jerry was standing outside the tent...right at the opening.  Now, these were open air tents and I could see Jerry.  I walked in to pay the girl, started chatting with her about her pottery, turned around and NO JERRY.  Where in the world did he go?  I mean he was no where in sight.  About that time some friends of ours just happened to walk up.  I looked at them and said, "I can't find Jerry.  He's disappeared!"  Immediately, everyone spread out and went on the Jerry search.  I stayed put in case he came back. About 15 minutes later, I saw a thumbs up from one of the guys.  They had found him about a block away WITH HIS SHIRT OFF!  (I told you it was hot!)  When they brought him back to me, he looked at me and said, "Why did do you that?"  He thought I had left him, not the other way around.

Jerry was a tad disoriented and hot.  I thought I'd better get something cold inside him so we walked over to the Italian Ice booth and got a nice frozen goodie which I think helped.  I made him put his shirt back on, which he didn't want to do, but I told him we were in public and he needed to put it on.  He's not a chippendale, ya know.

I think Jerry's making another shift.  That's what I call it when I see him going down.  For weeks now, I've not been able to read his mind, like usual.  I'm having a hard time figuring out what he's trying to tell me and frankly, I'm getting exhausted trying.   Sniff!  I can't go there.  I'll get sad.

Anyway, other than the case of the missing Jerry, the day has been good.  One of our old pastor friends, Larry, from our old church came to visit which was the highlight of the day.  He and his wife are precious and it was so thoughtful of them to stop by.  I've just finished painting a couple of canvas rugs and Jerry is now doing push ups.  What!  What did I just see?  I think I'll go join him.