Funny Thought

We've had the pleasure of keeping our baby Charlie while our daughter and son-in-law were away at a wedding. He is the cutest thing in the world! He's decided he's not too keen on his morning naps these days, so I decided that it was a good time slot to take him swimming. This morning, I said, "Jerry, let's take Charlie swimming. Come on, let's go upstairs and put our bathing suits on." So, we all trudged up the stairs to the bedroom. While I was coating baby Charlie up with sunscreen I handed Jerry is swimsuit. He took off his shorts, then put them on again. I said, "Nope. You need to take off your shorts and put on the suit." He took them off again and held them. I caught him before the put them back on again, and I threw them over on the sofa. Then I handed him his suit. By now, I was putting Charlie's Pamper Swimmies on.

Then, this thought popped into my head. Question: "What's the difference between getting a one year old and a dementia person dressed for swimming?" Answer: "The one year old's swimmies have Marvin the clown fish in the front." I'm chuckling, now. I'm sorry I found that funny. Jerry doesn't really where pampers. I just thought it was funny.