Summer Time

You know, tanned feet look pretty dirty. Don't know why I felt I needed to tell you that, but I just noticed my pitiful feet with peeled off polish and tanned toes. Not pretty. Guess I should stop wearing my flip flops. NOT! That's the wonderful thing about summer, flip flops, bike rides, and lots of shrimp!

It's been a great couple of days since the kiddos left. Not that we didn't just love the daylights out of them, but the quiet sure has been nice. I've taken it upon myself to nest a little this weekend. You know, clean out under beds and organize closets. It's therapeutic for me. Besides, I can't handle it when things are too cluttered. It reminds me of how cluttered my brain is. I told Jerry not to try to follow me around the house because it would wear him out. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. Up the stairs. Down the stairs. I turned on a great western movie for him, but soon found him on the porch rocking the dog. Guess Robert Duvall didn't excite him too much today. Go figure!

I'm so excited and relaxed that Jerry's been doing better. We headed out to church this morning, but got the times mixed up, so we ended up at a little coffee shop for a sticky bun. (MY BAD!) Once home, I took out some watercolor paper and began finishing the cute houses in our neighborhood. I sell the prints during rental season. Hey!! It's not a lot but it will cover my homeowners dues. Ha! Jerry doesn't mind me doing that because I sit at the kitchen table and he's only a stones throw away from me. In fact, I can glance over and pretend I'm watching. Hey. It works!

Just wanted to say hello today. Not much to report on. This week will be spent recouping and getting ready for the July 4th onslaught of activities. Ten strong starting this Friday.