What's the Deal?

Just when I think Jerry is on the way down, he comes back! What's the deal? This week I've had my wonderful daughter with me with her adorable but wild boys. (3 under the age of 6.) These boys are fabulous! It took a day or so for Jerry to acclimate, but he's doing really well. Go figure. Course, don't ask him to turn on the water or find the leash, but all in all, he's handling the chaos pretty well.

I've tried to keep his routine in tact. His "friend" came on Tuesday. I've taken him away for lunch, just the two of us, we've run errands, just the two of us. He's had ice cream sundaes, his favorite.

Just as an aside, I've got to mention the personalities of my grand babies. The youngest, 3, is so cute. Built like my side of the family, football player types, very compliant, content and loves food. Today, I took my beach chair down to the edge of the water with a few pretzels for him. He loved to fall backwards into the tide pool. I gave him a pretzel, which he dropped, and he chased it all over the waves in the tide pool until he could grab it and plunk it into his mouth. The second boy, is every mother's dream; deep cerulean blue eyes and a happy disposition most all of the time. He's the artist. We paint together. The oldest is the inventor of the crew. Chatters all of the time, touches all the time, and always has an idea in mind. I was his scientific assistant today, while he took the ladder ball game apart and invented a "machine" that dropped balls into a net and into a puddle of water that the surf had made. Did that make sense? He's one little brain child.

I love different temperaments in people. What wonderful creations!

Anyway, this afternoon, once we got back from the beach, Jerry was wandering around the main floor. I was about BEAT! So, when he came to me asking, "What are we doing?" I said, "I'm cooking dinner. What are you doing?" He looked, puzzled, and tried to mutter something. I said, "Hey. You can walk the dog." He delightfully said, "Yeah!" So, I said, "She's on the deck. Go find the leash." He wandered off looking for the leash and came back. I was pretty exhausted by now, and I said, "Hey, you can wander on the top deck, the lower deck, but you can't wander in here while I"m cooking dinner." THEN, with frustration he said, "I'll come and go any time I want!" Now, this is from a man who never says a word. COOL BEANS! I was pretty excited that he actually exerted himself.

Like I said from the previous post. It's so good to take everyday with a grain of salt and seise the lucid moments. Soon the grand babies will be gone and the days will be more mundane. Only to regroup for the next onslaught. Course, I write to keep you upbeat and I do not dwell on the "sleeping in his day clothes" and "dropping his meds in the sand" and "following me around wanting me to shave him". Those things we'll minimize. We'll focus on the good.

Talk to you soon.