Women Never Cease to Amaze Me

You know, when I was a young girl, I didn't really have many girlfriends. Guess I was a little "Pollyanna", in that I didn't get it when girls were caddy and hurt each other. I remember introducing a new girl to the junior high crowd. Before I knew it, she was in the popular crowd and wouldn't even speak to me anymore. I remember that to this day. From that experience, I learned that boys were better! Anyway, in my adult years, I've discovered how valuable women friends are. I believe God has revealed that to me as I've come to appreciate the wonderful "sisters" in my life. Like I said in a previous post, we can laugh, cry, pray, sing, and dance all in one sitting! My girlfriends can tell, without my saying a word, when I am down. They can tell when Jerry has gotten the best of me. They can listen to me whine, then make me laugh. It priceless! Even my Montana Rose doggie can tell when I need a hug. She's such a good girl!

We can be encouragers, supporters, nurturers, mentors.

Today, as Jerry and I sat on our deck, he could overhear my conversation with my dear "sister", Rose. She makes me laugh. Thus, Jerry laughs. Even though he has no idea what we are talking about...he hears me laugh and that makes him laugh. Hey! It works!

My "sisters" hug Jerry whenever they see him. They make him feel loved and adored. He LOVES that. He has a harem of women friends. More than he would have dreamed of in his healthy days. He's a lucky man! In fact, when they come over and sit at my kitchen table....he sits with us. (oh brother) Anyway, it's all good. Really good in the big picture.