I'm sorry, but I thought this was so funny. I mean, in the real world, it's not funny. But in Alzheimer world, it's funny. I was painting this afternoon and Jerry came home from an outing with John. They had gone for a bike ride, and then spent a little time at the driving range. Now, before you think he's perfectly have to understand that Jerry doesn't just hit one ball....he hits three at a time. He doesn't quite get the fact that it works better if you hit ONE ball off the tee...instead of hitting three off the ground. Whatever! He's happy.

Anyway, I wasn't quite finished painting when he got home, so he went up stairs. I asked him to give me just 15 more minutes to clean my brushes. Then, I'd be through. He responded...."Whatever you want.", then headed up. A little while later he showed up again at my door and stroked his chin. That's the signal for shaving. I said, "It's late. No worries. We can shave tomorrow." He kept stroking his chin. Then, I noticed that his mustache was a little fuzzy looking. Since I never wear my glasses, I thought...."how cute. His mustache is greying." Then, later, we were sitting on the sofa watching the news. He kept stroking his chin. Then, I sniffed. "Oh. You smell good." You must have used shaving cream. Come sit by me. " I gave him a big smackeroo. (kiss.)

Like I said in an earlier post...I'm a slow learner. After dinner, I noticed that "grey" mustache really was white. in toothpaste white. Got the que? He had tried to shave with toothpaste. Isn't that cute?