It Helps When the Caregiver Gets It

Ok, yesterday, I really blew it! We had a wonderful day to begin with. As we sat in church, the first hymn was, Breathe On Me, Breath On Me, Holy Spirit, Breathe on Me. It was a precious time together as I saw Jerry caught up in emotion, weeping as he attempted to sing. We held each other tight, as we sang. God was with us.

After church, I ran into the local grocery store and picked up two plate lunches and we went home to eat. It was nice...just the two of us. Then, we took our nap. (After all, isn't that what you're suppose to do on Sundays?) All was good!

When 4:00 rolled around, I was in the mood to get a little painting done. I thought everything was ok so I put on an old tape of Andy Griffith and he seemed happy. Then, I went down to get started on this new commission. Within 15 minutes, I heard the footsteps. Step. Step. Step. I could hear him coming. For some reason, I was grrrrrrd. After all, I had slept with him, woke with him, dressed with him, had breakfast with him, went to church with him, had lunch with him, napped with him.....I really wanted to have a little "ME" time. When I saw Jerry, I asked him if he wanted to watch tv. I attempted to reason with him, told him I needed a little alone time and set up his favorite tv show so he would be happy. ' Please relax and watch your show." OOOOOOOh...that was not a good idea. The more I tried to convince him and drill some sense in him.....the more it DIDN"T make sense to him. NEVER TRY TO REASON WITH AN ALZHEIMER PERSON! Before I knew it......he was back and forth, anxious, a little weepy, absolutely would not settle down. SO.....I did my best to make him comfortable. I took he and Montana dog to the rocker on the porch so that THEY could watch me paint. NO DEAL! IT DIDN"T WORK! Finally, I gave up. Frustrated I cleaned my brushes, went upstairs and sat with JERRY. He knew he had upset me. I showed my frustration. MY BAD! Then, it dawned on was that time again. SUNDOWN!

DUH!! I felt so guilty. I think I got it!

Today, I was prepared. I had John take Jerry for a couple of hours so I could get some work done. Jerry was so happy. They rode bikes and hit golf balls. I painted on this new piece. ...the town of Swansboro, the nearby historic town. When he and John come home, I could see that they were hot and tired, and satisfied. I felt like I had gotten a lot accomplished. When 4:00 rolled around, I put my brushes away. From now on....4:00 is quitting time. Sundown time. All work is done time. I was happy. Jerry was happy. We sat and watched the news. All was good.