Lemons and Salsa

Yesterday, Jerry and I headed into New Bern to this little art supply store. New Bern is this cool little historic seaport town with lots of old homes and art galleries. Jerry loves to be a part of the business and I tell him I need a MAN to carry my canvases. We were both excited to have a new commission, so I needed a large one for over a fireplace, plus a couple of huge ones for a job I'm doing in about a month. Watch out shoppers, here we come with our canvases blowing in the wind taking up all the sidewalk. There's no control. (no pun intended.) Since it was our "date" to the big city, we visited a couple of art galleries, then had lunch at this cool local dive, known for their crab cake sandwiches. Jerry's favorite. It was blistering hot, so sitting in that cool little booth was such a fresh relief. Anyway, I asked Jerry if he wanted a crab cake sandwich, shrimp basket, or hamburger. Don't know why I asked. He never can tell me. Questions don't work well for Jerry. Sandwiches don't work well either, because it takes the use of both hands. SO, a shrimp basket was my choice for him. I ordered the crab cake sandwich for myself, which I would happily share, since I didn't need the bread. (Man. What goes into making a decision!!!)

A few minutes later the runner placed a beautiful hot plate of shrimp in front of Jerry. Taking a slow gander, he reached for the lemon, picked it up and ate it. The whole thing! In one puckered bite! No reaction at all! You would have thought it was an orange. Maybe it was an orange to him. Who knows? We eat seafood probably 4 times a week and he eats the lemons, first and foremost, every time. What's up with that?

Last night, once the day was done, I fixed us a light snack for dinner. Just some quesedillas and avocado. We hunkered down on the sofa, turned on a movie, then proceeded to snack away. Then, I looked over and saw Jerry pick up the little cup of salsa off of his plate and drink it down. OH NO! I guess that means, if something is in a cup.....you drink it?

You'd think after 12 years, I would figured this thing out. A friend recommended a new book to me about the language of alzheimers. I've got so much to learn.