Lest you think I have my alarm clock set....think again. My alarm clock has been shoved under my bed for years. It's just that since Jerry won't go to bed without me so we go to bed around 9 pm. Some people get work done at night....I'm an early riser. This morning, my eyes opened before 6 o'clock. Montana heard me stir and we were up! I tucked Jerry in, then decided we'd treat ourselves to a walk on the beach. Montana loves to walk the beach and patiently waits for me to unlatch her leash. Then she turns on the speed when she sees the seagulls huddled in their town meeting. She chases them out into the waves like any respectable cattle dog would do, then proudly prances back to me for my approval. Cool dog.

On the way back, the sky was weighed down in a grey violet on the horizon, but I could see there was about an inch slit of florescent orange about a third of the way up, where the sun was making its appearance.. (Think perspective, now.) Above the layer of grey was the most beautiful light cyan blue. It's going to be a beautiful day.

Yesterday, while Jerry was with John, I went to my friend, Rose's, house again. She has a really cool set up. I took a couple of boxes of collage supplies over there and we set out to create our masterpieces on her table next to her pool. Whenever we got too hot, we'd just jump in her pool. What a great life! When 2:00 rolled around, (2:00 is my curfew), I had John drop Jerry off at her house. Rose and I walked up to give Jerry a big hug. She got to him first and said, "Hello, Jerry. It's Rose." He looked at her with a sheepish grin as if he had no idea who she was. Rose is a gentle soul with beautifully compassionate eyes. He looked at her. Looked around. Said, "Where's ?" Rose, said, "Where's your wife?" She's right here. I was standing right next to her.

I think what was happening, was that I am the one who always greets him with a big welcome hug. I honestly think, he thought she was me...but "I" looked different. Then when she said, "I'm Rose". He didn't know what to think.

Anyway, Rose brought Jerry something to drink and I got Jerry in his bathing suit. We were hoping he would float around in her pool, while we worked a little more. After all, who wouldn't love to lounge around a pool with beautiful "50 something" women in bathing suits. (stop laughing.) Didn't work. Jerry wanted to be right next to me at the table. We were standing and he is tall, and he would rather stand next to me with the wind blowing the umbrella against his head. Oh well.

After a little while, we decided to call it a day. Jerry was happy about that so he could have me to himself. Course, when we got home, forgetting he had been out, he looked at me and asked, "you want to go somewhere?". What's a girl to do?