Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was Friday. Friday has always been our date day, only in our early years, it wasn't date was date night. In our younger years we went to nice restaurants. Yesterday, we went to an old barn. My, how things have changed. We went on a scavenger hunt to find junk. Actually, Jerry likes to do anything as long as it involves getting in the car and going for a ride. So, I told him we were going on a scavenger hunt to find old metals, unusual pieces of wood, or any other treasures we might find. We went to an old salvage barn near Wilmington. The elder gentleman who owned the place was quite an artist. He created all sorts of unique pieces, from lamps to tables to bar fronts, with salvaged pieces from old houses.

I was in heaven! After wandering around for a while, I limited myself to $20 and he gave me a box to fill up. I could hardly stand it. Jerry was my scout and my heavy lifter. Eventually, I settled on some old blocks from a machine warehouse built in 1907. I figure these blocks would work as a nice pieces to place a small canvas work on. So, there we were, Jerry, Sue and a box of blocks.

A reader mentioned that I didn't post pieces of my collages on the blog. Jerry and I had gone earlier to a friend's house and I discovered the beauty of this old strip of copper. My wonderful and generous friend gave me this's my passion to take old found things: metal, sea glass, broken pottery, fabrics, etc, and make things new again. So here's what I've been doing with it. You can click on each piece and see them up close. Pretty artsy fartsy! Here goes.......