Eyes Wide Open

We're up in Raleigh for a couple of days. The caregiver needs to have some routine checkups done. The car ride was so nice yesterday. Jerry actually rested his head and fell asleep. He looks so peaceful when he's asleep.

The past few weeks, Jerry has been anxious. Anxious about "the dog". Anxious about where I am. Anxious about the neighbor across the street. Anxious when he's left alone. (Meaning, I am not in the room.) I don't want to put him on any meds because I don't like their side effects. His eyes light up when I tell him someone is coming over; like when I tell him Robert is coming, he responds with a "ohhhh. I love him." (In Alzheimer language.) I don't know what it is, but they have a very special bond.

Jerry use to sleep a lot. He also use to watch a lot of television. Now, he does neither. He does not have the attention span for tv. In fact, he stands up and walks around every three to five minutes. It's become a joke. I tell him to stay seated or I'll have to get a seatbelt. "No you're not", he says. Unless it's perhaps, Everybody Loves Raymond, or the history channel, he's not staying put. Funny. I remember when we were "healthy", I would always nag him that he watched too much tv. NOW, I WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO WATCH IT. The only way I can get him to sit still is if I sit next to him. (glued....seriously, shoulder to shoulder.) Bob DeMarco, from the Alzheimer reading room suggested I try stacking coins around the house to see if Jerry would get interested in them. I'll try that.

As far as sleeping; his sleep habits are changing. Last night, he got up at least three times. He'd walk halfway to the bathroom, then come back. Halfway...then come back...halfway...then come back. Finally, I got up and walked him all the way there. I guess he forget where he was going and why. The mornings are my coveted quiet times to regroup before the day begins. When the sun comes up, I usually roll over to get out of bed, I look to see if he's still breathing, tuck him in, then tiptoe out of the room and hope he sleeps until 8:00. This morning, I rolled over to see.....his eyes WIDE OPEN. Eeee-gads! I got up, reminded him it was too early for him to get up and asked him to go back to sleep. He didn't.

This new stage; the one he's been going into for the last month or so, is quite a new challenge. I've got a lot to learn and I hope I can learn it quick. I need suggestions. FIre away! (no floral paintings today!)

So, you can see why I was comforted to see him actually sleeping on the drive up yesterday. Whew! A sigh of relief.