These Eyes

"Oh Lord, Thou hast searched me and known me. Thou dost know when I sit down and when I rise up; Thou dost understand my thought from afar." "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is too high, I cannot attain to it." Psalm 139 1-2,6

Have you ever watched the eyes of someone when you're having a conversation with them? I'm an eye contact person. When I meet someone who never looks me in the eye, I think there must be something shady, insincere, or maybe that person is insecure, or even can't face whatever's going on in their life. I wonder if they look in their own eyes when they look in the mirror. Eyes can express a giving heart; a heart with compassion, even a heart of evil.

The eyes of someone with alzheimer disease are gripping. Anyone who has been a caregiver knows what I am talking about. So many people avoid eye contact with someone with Alzheimer disease; probably out of a sense of fear of what to say. It takes courage to look into the eyes. Jerry's eyes are the window to his soul. Funny. When we were young lovies...I told him he had "bedroom" eyes. I still look into his eyes, but now I see hurt, fear, confusion, and a sense of loss. They say, "help me." The lights are beginning to dim in those eyes now, where once they were bright and winsome.

I'm so glad that I made the decisions I did a few years ago. We travelled for almost 6 months and lived life like newlyweds (with money). I have no regrets about that. I highly recommend it. My friend thanked my making the next comment. She said it was profound. Don't know how profound it was, but here it is.

Live life to the fullest while you can. It may be 2 years, it may be 20, but these years you'll never get back. Be on a perpetual honeymoon. Laugh! Travel! Go out to eat! Garden! Be spontaneous! Love, love, love. Because later on, the only love he'll understand is holding him.

It's time treasured before the lights go out.