Not So Bad

Ok, so I was all emotional in the last blog. It was a big step for me to give Jerry that anti-anxiety drug. The emotional stuff is just going to happen. It's the part of the journey. When I went back upstairs, I saw Jerry leaning over, like he was trying to get up, but he was asleep. Don't know why but I thought that was funny. It was as if the separation anxiety was making him get up, but the drug was trying to stop him in his tracks. It really was a little funny.

I went over and officially woke him up and he really wasn't that groggy. He seemed to be ok. (until he ate the dog biscuits. I'll talk about that later.) Well, why not now. He saw Montana and wanted to do something for her, so I gave him some dog biscuits to give her. Then, I turned and went into the kitchen to get him something to drink. When I came back. there was Jerry.....eating doggie biscuits. I'm sorry, but I laughed. When I asked him if the dog biscuits tastes good...he actually smiled a sheepish was a good way to wake up.

So as not to dwell forever on the couch, we went outside to take the dog for a bike ride. I had my reservations about Jerry riding...but he did ok. Course, we don't ride very far...just around the corner. But, for the life of me, I am amazed that he has the balance to ride that bike.

So, just to relieve you, I thought I'd tell you that I think it will be good for Jerry to take this medicine. He was relieved from his struggle and I was refreshed after a 2 hour break. I think it's a go.