Who Knew?

Spent the day painting, today. I’m into flowers these days. Jerry went with Bruce, his best bud. I read so much info on Alzheimers, tips for caregiving, yada yada yada....I forget more than I take in. Today, I tried the coin trick.

So, I emptied the glass of coins on the kitchen table and not only did coins fall out, but so did a bunch of golf tees. As everything rolled out on the table, Jerry automatically started stacking the coins. Pretty cool. He didn't even need tutoring. It kept him busy for about 45 minutes. I’ll keep the coins on the table as permanent fixtures now. In addition, I noticed colored golf tees neatly standing in a row. How 'bout that? Golf tees. Next, I'm bringing in the 5 pound bucket of golf balls from down in the storeroom. I think they need sorting.