Couldn’t sleep last night. Kept counting the wonderful saints who had come to a Jerry information meeting. Last night we had invited all who were interested in volunteering time with Jerry to come to a brief question and answer meeting. As I walked around the corner of the hallway and stuck my head in the door, the room was lined with people. I’ll call them saints. There were about 18. Plus, two were at home keeping Jerry company while the meeting went on. Just think about that. 20 people had Jerry on their mind last night. How blessed we are!

I brought my dear friends, Bruce and Nancy, who have spent countless hours with Jerry. I knew that Bruce would have a wealth of insight. I wish my kids could have heard the kind words said about their dad. “so kind.” “wonderful person”. “gentle heart”. Sniff! They are so right. He is a wonderful man.

The saints will be coordinating 2 days a week, where Jerry gets a visitor. They will rotate so that no one person is overcommitted. After all, they have lives of their own, ya know. I’m so thankful for even 30 minutes. It makes Jerry smile and that “smile” lingers for days. There are two team captains who have volunteered to do the scheduling. Wow! I have two male administrative assistants. Women’s lib....ride on! (Totally kidding.) Actually, they are taking care of the widows and orphans which are commanded in the Bible. However one wants to view it.....I AM SO APPRECIATIVE!

Today is pouring down rain. I love the rain. It’ll keep things a little cooler, since our air conditioner is broken. Jerry’s resting on the sofa. Rainy days do that. He’s watching a golf tournament. I’m sitting right next to him. However, I’m about to break the news to him that I’m going to “work” downstairs. The rain has had a calming effect on him, so I hope that keeps him watching golf for a while. In the meantime, I’m ready to PAINT.

I found my old zumba CD, which I haven’t done in several months. I think I’m going to play it, bring out some dancing photos from my daughter’s wedding and paint dancers. I may even dance a little myself.