I remember when my son was little and loved to ride his skateboard. We lived in California at the time, and he was on a swim team. Every afternoon, I’d ride my bike towing him on his skate board, all the way to swim practice. Ahhhhh! Such fond memories! This morning, Montana and I took a bike ride. Being the conscientious dog that she is, she normally sticks by the side of the bike and keeps pace. If I see a deer or wild animal, as we approach, I calmly say....”now, stay with me.” She does. Today, however we came up on a teen age deer grazing on the side of the road. She was keeping a keen eye on us. Montana caught sight of her, but not wanting to send me flying, she slowly began to pick up speed; sort of like a plane ramping up on a runway. I barely put pressure on my breaks, pulled back on the reins, but before I knew it she was whizzing me down the street like a I was on that skateboard.

It was a great way to start the day.

This alzheimer life is so erratic. Why, yesterday I had a temper tantrum with myself and God. I was so bitter and infuriated with this situation! I kept yelling that my life has been on hold for twelve years! (Don’t worry. Jerry was in the shower and couldn’t hear me.) I definitely needed a break from alzheimer world. Today, I got my break. Some co-workers from my old job in Raleigh, needed a last minute get away and they chose HERE....WITH ME! What a treat!!!! The whole day worked out perfectly. I had John, Jerry’s companion come at 10:00 and bring him back at 3:00. Sixty dollars well spent. While they were out, we girls packed up our stuff and went to the beach. Man! Four gabbing women for 5 hours. No kids, no mother-in-laws, no children, no husbands, no painting! Imagine it! NO MEN! ( sorry you male readers.) One of the gals is a fabulous artist. She gave me all sorts of tips and the other girl wants to be my agent. How cool is that? We laughed and said we wanted to form an artist colony. Trouble is...one says she doesn’t have any talent. We’ve decided she can be the administrator and organizer so she can be a part of the colony. Artists are not organized! The seasoned professional, whom I greatly admire, said I’m ready for the next step. Oh gee! The other one wants to be my agent so that she can get experience in her new career in life. I’ll take that!

When we came home, everyone showered up just in time for Jerry and John to walk in the door. Timing couldn’t have been better. Man!! All this “happiness” is getting to me. Don’t know if I can handle it. I’m exhausted.