I'm All A Flitter! Off to my first painting class.

Today, Jack came. A volunteer! I got a call last week from the volunteer coordinator of the Coastal Community Action Program.   She said she had a perfect match for Jerry. YIPPI!  This program is federally funded.  FREE! I mean this is better than sex!  I’ve been on the waiting list for THREE years.  Not for sex, but for a volunteer!

Let me explain.

Right after moving here, I signed up with the Senior Corp, a part of the National & Community Service Program, to have a volunteer companion come “hang” with Jerry.  I just wanted him to have a friend.  I didn’t think he was ready for a nurse but he really needed someone else besides his WIFE to pal around with.  Ya know what I mean?

It probably was a good thing that I didn’t get a companion right away.  I really would have struggled with letting him go so soon.  But, over time, I have begun to realize that I was really getting weary.  It’s been 11 years now and my spunk has now diminished to a faint twitter.  "Peep."   I mean, lets face it.  I am not superwoman!  Jerry needs supervision with everything; getting dressed, showers, brushing his teeth, and so on.  By the time I do the meal thing, take him out to the movie, help him read, PLUS, do all the bills, medical insurance, financial issues, maintain the home, CLEAN IT, do the yard, change the oil in the car, and rotate the tires, I’m pretty well spent...get the picture?   The 24/7 thing was just about to do me in.  Plus, I want have energy to be a fun “grammy” to my 4 grand boys.

A few nights ago, it was about 8:30, when we arrived back home after visiting our kids in Raleigh.  You see, Jerry does not drive, so I do all the driving.  I was trying to unload the car and Jerry was wandering with “THE DOG”.  Then, something happened.   I came to a dead halt.  The bags fell out of my hands and I couldn’t bend over to pick them up.  With a blank stare, I shrugged up the stairs to the bedroom and crawled into the bed.  Clothes and all!  Didn’t close the doors, didn’t turn off the lights, I could not move.  My body had said “I’m done.”  HELP, DEAR GOD, HELP!  I can’t do this anymore!

The next day, I received the call.  How cool was that!

Anyway, slowly I’ve been able to “give” Jerry away.  Sniff! I was able to find a “few good men” to step in and help but, because of cost constraints, I could only afford them for a few hours a week.

So, hurray to the National & Community Service Program and their Volunteer Senior Companion Program.  If you need help contact:  www.SeniorCorps.gov