In college, I minored in art, however, my focus was in pottery.  The only formal experience I had was a class in color and design.  That was 30 years ago.  When I started painting recently, I devoured every book I could find.  I didn’t know NOTHIN!  (That was probably pretty evident in my first few years of “artwork”.)  Today was my opportunity to take my first painting class. Our new companion, Jack, came and I had the whole afternoon.  Jack and Jerry had a very successful day.  Jack took him to the senior center, where they played pool.  Then he took him to his house to have lunch. I could tell when Jerry came home that he was really happy.  Even though he didn’t speak, his face was bright and relaxed and smiling.

Jack’s spending the day with Jerry, enabled me to take an art class. (without worry).  Remember I told you I wanted to find something to work on for a long period of time?  I chose the antique bottles from Ephesus, where Jerry and I traveled.  I began painting those bottles last week with an under painting in really thinned down oils.  Layer by layer I added more depth and color.  I have put hours and hours into those bottles.  Actually, I love to paint fast and emotional, but working on the bottles is providing time of stillness and reflection.

When I took the painting to paint class, I told the teacher that my composition was all wrong and I needed help.  She agreed and proceeded to tell me I’d have to move one of those bottles off center.  NOW, moving a real bottle is pretty simple.  Just pick it up and put it down somewhere else.  NOT SO BRUTO in painting.  With a sneer on my face and a reluctant paint brush, I took a big gulp and began to cover parts of the existing bottle on the left and extend the other side over to the right.  Low and behold, that bottle began to move.

Don’t know why I am telling you all this.  Just that it’s so good for the caregiver to be able to get her mind totally immersed in something other than care giving.  It refreshes the spirit to be able to carry on a conversation, create something new, see an end result, and feel an accomplishment.  A refreshed and renewed spirit makes me a better care giver and enables me to smile and be energized.  Jerry needs that.

Want to see my bottles?  They are a work in progress.