So Far So Good

Today was the first day of my “no spontenaity” fast. It’s been good. Routine isn’t so bad. Course, this was the first day. I gave Jerry is exact meds, fed him some breakfast, then took him upstairs to get dressed. Robert was coming so he was happy. At 10:00, he and Robert planned their outing, and then they were on their way. They were to find a lithium batter for our sprinkler system, and find a movie that Jerry would like. Robert is a gifted caregiver and is so good at getting Jerry out of his teary state.

While they were out, I got some research done. Called our insurance people, collected power of attorney stuff to send to them, contacted the Alzheimer association about day care possibilities in a nearby town in New Bern, contacted a shop that carries my art about a fundraiser for MS, and got about an hour of painting in for a doggie named Wilson.

When Robert and Jerry came back, Jerry immediately showed me his new movie...The Complete History or WWII. Collectors Edition. In his way...he was thrilled. Robert fixed my sprinkler, then headed off. I stuck with the schedule and took Jerry upstairs for a nap. He thanked me for tucking him in. This guy slept until 4:00, at which time I put my brushes away, had Jerry carry my finished paintings outside so I could varnish them, then closed the door to the artful things for the day. He stuck with me like glue. That was ok though because I had my time earlier.

As soon as Jerry came down from his nap, he found his movie. It’s sitting right here beside me for us to play later. We’re watching the news to each other. All is good. We’re going out for mexican with our funny girlfriend, KK, who makes Jerry laugh beyond imagination. She’ll be here in a few minutes.

So, the schedule and routine....well, I survived. Jerry survived. Things were accomplished. Now, on to day two.

PS. Jerry was pretty unresponsive at dinner, but KK did her best to make him laugh. When we got home, all power on the island was out. It was pitch black accept for the galaxy above us. Deck time was amazing.