Let's Talk Grooming

Thank heavens I've never been a perfectionist clothes horse type of person.  On a daily basis,  I throw on my trusty pair of cargo pants from Anthropology and a white t-shirt, slap on some mascara, and some gold hoops, then spend 30 minutes getting Jerry ready.  It's a fine art to groom a man. In his day, Jerry was always this statement kind of guy all dressed in his navy blue pinstriped business suit, tall, dark hair and blue eyes.  Whew!  He was a looker!

While visiting my son in California a few years ago,  I specifically remember standing in the little bathroom of their cute little 100 year old cottage.  Jerry was a tad disoriented.  I could see it in his eyes.  This  bathroom had one of those pedistal sinks with a hot and cold faucet and no room on the sides for his shaving gear.  His razor was in a dock kit, not in its same place on the side of the sink.  He already had enough adjustments to make sleeping on an air mattress on the floor instead of his own bed.  Plus, we were in the middle of Los Angeles.  This was the first time I shaved Jerry. 

Since then, I've learned a lot about grooming.  I think it's more important than ever to keep Jerry sharp looking, dressed nice and well groomed.  Afterall, it doesn't take much to change from handsome to homeless, ya know.  In order for him not to forget how to shave, I had him begin using an electric razor in between my shaving him with a razor.  It's not as close of a shave, but it works pretty well.  I've also started cutting his hair and have  really butchered it from time to time.  And those eyebrows!  Oh!  It's all I can do to keep them from being like Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes!  Then, the nose hairs.  It's the curse of a tall man!

Today was Jerry's follow up at the dentist.  After his evaluation, the hygienist began demonstrating TO ME  how to brush and floss his teeth. Oh, come on! 

I must say that Jerry's toofies need to stay bright and shiny.  AND the man!  Well, he's so tall, and so stiff now, that he doesn't lean over the sink far enough, so you know what that means?  Toothpaste drippies down the front of the shirt.  The sweet little gal, with her kind voice, said to have him sit in a chair.  Then she asked, do you have a recliner?  WHAT!  I've always hated recliners!  It's like a minivan.  I've always fought minivans!  Boo!  Hoo!   My life is over!